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When it come to drawer fronts you can choose from a traditional or classic design, while others may work well for a more modern or minimalist look. Choosing The Cabinet Door Shop to build your drawer fronts is just the beginning of truly amazing results.


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Wooden drawer fronts are a popular choice for furniture due to their natural beauty, versatility, and durability. They can be made from a variety of woods including oak, maple, cherry, and others, each with its own unique grain patterns and color variations. Wooden drawer fronts can be finished in a range of styles, including natural, stained, painted, or lacquered. The type of finish used can have a significant impact on the final look of the furniture, with natural finishes highlighting the natural beauty of the wood grain and stained finishes adding depth and warmth.

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Cabinet drawer fronts come in a variety of styles to match different design aesthetics and personal preferences. Some of the most popular styles include:

  1. Shaker: A simple and functional design characterized by clean lines and a lack of ornamentation. Shaker drawer fronts often feature a flat panel with a square or rectangular shape.
  2. Raised Panel: A classic style that features a raised panel in the center of the drawer front. This style adds depth and dimension to the overall look of the cabinet.
  3. Beaded: A style that features a decorative bead along the edge of the drawer front, creating a subtle and elegant detail.
  4. Arched: A style that features a curved, arched top edge, lending a more traditional or ornate look to the cabinet.
  5. Slab: A modern and minimalist style that features a flat, solid panel with no added embellishments.
  6. Louvered: A style that features horizontal slats or “louvers” along the front of the drawer, providing a unique and interesting texture.
  7. Recessed Panel: A style that features a recessed panel in the center of the drawer front, creating a more subtle and understated look.

When choosing the style of wooden cabinet drawer fronts, it’s important to consider the overall design of the room and the furniture, as well as personal preference. Some styles may be better suited for a traditional or classic design, while others may work well for a more modern or minimalist look.